News Item Text

A news item text is a text which is grouped into the text genre of narration. The main function of narration is telling stories or informing about events in chronological order. The order in the narration can be based on time, place and the events themselves. Referring to the high school graduate standard, news item text should be completely studied in the first class with narrative and recount text.

These three text types explore the way on how a story or event is retold to others.
News item text is written for public information of what is the newsworthy of the day. Basically, a news item text tries to answer the 5Ws and 1H questions; what, who, when, where, why, and how relating to the newsworthy. Due to the different generic structure of text types, though news item is in one group of narration genres with narrative and recount, understanding the structures on how the news item composed is absolutely important for better understanding on text genres which are different from one type to another.
The following are the construction of News Item text based on Gerot and Wignell (1994:200):

(a) Social Function
To inform readers, listeners, or viewers about events of the day which are considered newsworthy or important.

(b) Generic Structure
  • newsworthy events: recount the events in the summary form
  • background events: elaborate what happened, to whom, in what circumstances
  • source: comments by participants, witnesses and authorities expert on the events
  • use of projecting verbal processes in sources stage
  • focus on circumstances (e.g. mostly within qualifiers)

Example of News Item text

Japan Grants $420.000 for Aceh Peace Mission

Newsworthy event
JAKARTA: The Japanese government will donate US $ 420.000 (Rp. 3,9 billion) to the Aceh government and three nongovernmental organization for peace initiatives in the oncerestive province.

Background event
The funds will be used for five projects, including the construction of a training facility for conversation management in Banda Aceh and empowerment of coffee growers in Central Aceh regency.

The Japanese Embassy said in a press release on Thursday, the grant would be used to improve live hoods of former combatants aiming, to reintegrate conflict-affected communities and to revitalize the province‟s economy. (Dyah Ayu Wulandari dkk: 58)