Gambaran Umum Teks Tertulis Fungsional Berbentuk News Item (Tujuan; Fungsi Sosial; & Gagasan Utama)

News item is a text which informs readers about events of the day. The events are considered newsworthy or important. News item is a type of the text that has the main function or communicative purpose to inform readers of listeners or viewer about events of the day that are considered newsworthy or important.
The generic structure of news item has elements as follows.
Headline/title: the main point to report in reduced clause.
Summary of event: the summary of main event that is to be reported.
Background of event: the explanation about what had happened (who, what, when, where).
Source: someone’s about the event.

Generic Structure of News Item
1. Main event recounts the event in summary
2. Elaboration (background, participant, time, place) elaborates what happened, to whom, and in what circumstances
3. Resource of information comments by participants in, witnesses to and authorities expert on the event

Language Feature of News Item
1. Focusing on circumstances
2. Using material process
3. Short, telegraphic information about story captured in headline
4. Use of Material Processes to retell the events (in the text bellow, many of the Material Processes are nominalised)
5. Use of projecting Verbal Processes in sources stage. 6. Focus on Circumstances (e.g. mostly within qualifiers).

Tips of Reporting
We read a "news item" to find out specific information about an event reported in the news. Every "news item" has to have the answers to the five WH questions:
What - What happened exactly?
Who - Who are the people and groups involved in the event?
When - When did the event take place?
Where - Where did the event take place?
Why - Why did it happen? (The reasons behind the event)

If you read information and write it in your own words, you are reporting! If you copy someone else's writing you are doing something illegal. No reporter is allowed to plagiarize from any other reporter!

Examples and structures of the text

"Town Contaminated"
Newsworthy events
Moscow – A Russian journalist has uncovered evidence of another Soviet nuclear catastrophe, which killed 10 sailors and contaminated an entire town.

Background Events
Yelena Vazrshavskya is the first journalist to speak to people who witnessed the explosion of a nuclear submarine at the naval base of Shkotovo – 22 near Vladivostock. The accident, which occurred 13 months before the Chernobyl disaster, spread radioactive fall-out over the base and nearby town, but was covered up by officials of the Soviet Union. Residents were told the explosion in the reactor of the Victor-class submarine during a refit had been a ‘thermal’ and not a nuclear explosion. And those involved in the clean up operation to remove more than 600 tons of contaminated material were sworn to secrecy.

A board of investigators was later to describe it as the worst accident in the history of the Soviet Navy.

Informasi Tertentu Teks Tertulis Fungsional Berbentuk News Item

After identifying the information you need, it’s helpful to determine which part of the text it is in. Headings can help with this, as can reading for gist. The main reading skill employed is scanning. This involves moving very quickly over the text, ignoring unknown vocabulary and focusing solely on key words, phrases and ideas. Scanning should enable you to find the specific information. Then read that part more carefully to get a full understanding.

Reading for gist can be helpful in:
a. locating a specific word or phrase
b. working out unknown vocabulary
c. finding the general location of an idea.

Informasi Rinci Tersurat Teks Tertulis Fungsional Berbentuk News Item

Explicit information is any idea that is stated. With explicit information, you see the text explained! Since you are looking for explicit information in what is read, the explicit information will be written in the text. There is no need to look for clues. Just read. If the information is written it is explicit.

Makna Kata Teks Tertulis Fungsional Berbentuk News Item

The language features of News Item text focus on general topics of human and non human being. It is characterized by the dominant use of:
1. Short, telegraphic information about story captured in headline
2. Action verbs
3. Saying verbs
4.Adverbs : time, place and manner.

Koherensi dan Kohesif Teks News Item

Halliday and Hasan (1976) states that there are six main ways that cohesion is created in a text. These they called: Reference, Substitution, Ellipsis, Lexical Chains, Cohesive Nouns and Conjunction.