Latihan Soal TryOut Pretest PPG Bahasa Inggris Tahun 2022

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Soal Pretest PPG Bahasa Inggris Tahun 2022. Soal PPG Bahasa Inggris smp pdf. Soal pretest ppg bahasa inggris smk 2022

Soal TryOut Pretest PPG Bahasa Inggris 2022

👉Text for questions 1 -5

1. What is the social function of the text?
a. To announce that school is closed due to weather condition
b. To share the upcoming school holiday season
c. To share that the will be closed without any reason
d. To give information that school is reopen

2. What information is given?
a. The date of closing, classes cancellation
b. The length of closing
c. The schools address the dates of closing and the dates of reopen
d. The weather condition, the principals message

3. Who are the target audience for such text?
a. Students only
b. The authority of the school
c. The member of the school including parents
d. Parents

4. Who is in charge to share such information?
a. Teachers
b. Schools authority
c. Parents
d. Students

5. Why does school need to inform this earlier?
a. Due to the parents requests
b. Due to the principals request
c. Due to students request
d. Due to the weather forecast

Text for questions 6 – 8

6. What information is given?
a. The name of the event how to join in the date of the event
b. The name of the school the name of the event the date
c. The name of the event the due date the schools address
d. The name of the teacher the date of the event the application form

7. Who is Ms. Becher?
a. Schools principal
b. Teachers in charge for the event
c. Home room teacher
d. Advisory teacher

8. Who are the target audience of the announcement?
a. All freshmen
b. The juniors
c. The sophomore students
d. All freshmen girls

👉Text for questions 9 – 10

9. What is the tone of the letter?
a. Formal
b. Sceptical
c. Casual
d. Semi formal

10.What is the relationship between the sender and the receiver?
a. Relatives
b. Close friend
c. Friendship
d. Family members

👉Text for questions 11 - 13

11. The following people might come to the event, EXCEPT ....
a. Clients
b. Journalists
c. Doctors
d. Editors

12. What might be the selling point of the magazine?
a. The media partners
b. High profile clients
c. Specialist contributors
d. The professional editors

13.What will attendees benefit from attending the event?
a. Meeting doctors and consultants
b. Getting a free copy of the magazine
c. Getting a free lunch
d. Meeting media professionals

👉Text for questions 14 – 15

14.What kind of compliments does Mr. Folder receive?
a. A special mention
b. A token of appreciation
c. A special award
d. A comfortable seat

15.What does Larry expect obviously from Mr. Folder for the acknowledgement?
a. His continuous support
b. His willingness to be a patron
c. His early bird presence
d. His loyalty to the company

👉Text for questions 16 - 19

16. What is advertised in the flyer?
a. Weekly events.
b. A series of anniversary events.
c. Weekend Surprises.
d. A new supermarket.

17. What will a shopper who brings this flyer get?
a. Mobile phones.
b. Free icecream.
c. Free food samples.
d. Free gift.

18. Which one is not mentioned in the flyer?
a. The website address.
b. The contact number.
c. The founder's name.
d. Daily music.

19.  According to the flyer, what should the reader do if they want to get more information?
a. Call or visit the supermarket website.
b. Call editor.
c. Participate in the trivia contests.
d. Come and visit the customer service counter.

👉Text for questions 20 - 21

20.What is the focus of the study at the course?
a. Writing.
b. Learning.
c. Reading.
d. Speaking

21.What does the advertisement offer?
a. We will learn the best method to teach English
b. We will find Jalan Botania Jati 11 as the right place
c. We will get our money back if we can't speak English
d. We would be a qualified English teacher in this place

22. The text tells you about....
a. instant hand sanitizer
b. health product promotion
c. how to clean bacteria
d. foaming formula

👉Text for questions 23 – 26

23.What is the text above about?
a. Announcement
b. Job vacancy
c. Advertisement
d. Offer

24.What does the hotel provide to enhance our enjoyment?
a. The two inspired restaurant and the new Alfresco.
b. The city's standard for sophistication.
c. Beautiful swimming pool.
d. Newly refurbished interiors.

25. "Soothing sleek and streamlined with the latest technology ...."
The underlined word means....
a. Quiet and calm
b. Cool and fresh
c. Hot and noisy
d. Clean and cheap

26.Which is free of charge in the hotel?
a. Having food and drinks in the restaurant.
b. Having dinner.
c. Having breakfast and horse riding lesson.
d. Staying for nights.

👉Text for questions 27 – 28

27.Who is the fifty percent discount given to?
a. Married woman.
b. 11 year old children.
c. 14 year old children.
d. Adult people.

28. "On top of that, there's a fifty percent discount for children below 12 at our restaurant." The underlined word means....
a. over
b. in the age of
c. between
d. under

👉Text for questions 29 - 30

29. The text talks about....
a. Hotel Mulia Senayan
b. Sunwel Beach Residences Ketewel
c. prime property
d. Bali's apartment development

30.Which of the following is not found in the advertisement?
a. Fitness.
b. Supermarket.
c. Restaurant.
d. sauna & steam