Soal Pretest PPG Bahasa Inggris Tahun 2022

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Soal Pretest PPG Bahasa Inggris Tahun 2022. Soal PPG Bahasa Inggris smp pdf. Soal pretest ppg bahasa inggris smk 2022

Soal Pretest PPG Bahasa Inggris

1. There are five types of notice. One of those is information notice. Choose the correct statement that  provides an information notice.
a. No Parking
b. Beware of Pickpockets
c. Slow Down
d. For Staff Only

2. Notice is used to announce something or to provide important information. When you create a notice, it should be … except
a. written in capital font
b. easy to understand
c. written in simple and short text
d. supported by a descriptive paragraph

3. Imagine that you have a supermarket and it has got a private room. The room is only for the staffs of your supermarket and the visitors are not allowed to get in that room. Which one is the most suitable notice?

4. As notice is a part of short functional text, it has some language features. One of those features is …
a. having many pictures
b. using imperative sentence
c. containing adjectives
d. using past simple form

5. Look at the picture below.

This notice can be placed in the …
a. laboratory
b. canteen
c. rest area
d. park

6. When you create a poster, it is necessary to consider its generic structure. Which one is not the structures of poster?
a. Title area 
b. Footer area
c. Main area
d. CTA

7. The picture above is an example of poster. In your opinion, what is the function of the poster?

a. To promote an event
b. To grab attention of people
c. To provide information of an event
d. To engage viewers

8. A good poster or banner has some characteristics such as look at me, read me, and ask me. Those mean … except
a. it should be attractive 
b. it stimulates idea or thought
c. there should be a text as necessary
d. there should be a lot of images

9. When you see a large piece of silk or other cloth, with a device or motto and it is put in some conspicuous place, it is called as …
a. poster 
b. banner
c. notice
d. graphic

10. When you see the poster above, what kind of information does the poster tell you about?

a. Giving alert to the readers about the danger of cigarette for their health
b. Promoting tobacco to the viewers for their health
c. Calling the audience to choose tobacco for their health
d. Challenging the readers to use tobacco for their health

11. What can you tell from the following Venn diagram?

a. It describes the steps of building a corporation.
b. It enlists the benefits of working as a freelancer.
c. It describes the differences and similarities between freelance and corporate working.
d. It tells the sequence of being both a freelancer and a company employee.

12. What function does this Fishbone diagram provide?

a. comparing and contrasting two concepts
b. providing solutions of a certain problem
c. describing steps of conducting a program
d. presenting causes and effects of a certain issue

13. What information can you put in the graphic organizer below?

a. how to create a Bank account
b. solutions of managing a big class
c. functions of social media in the classroom
d. tips to be liked by employees

14. If you are going to present the process of a complete metamorphosis of butterflies, the most appropriate type of graphic organizer you can use is ….
a. description graphic organizer
b. sequence graphic organizer
c. cause and effect graphic organizer
d. problem and solution graphic organizer

15. Which of the following social functions for using graphic organizers help learners add or alter their background knowledge?
a. tools for depicting knowledge and understanding
b. tools for self-learning
c. tools for organizing information
d. tools for critical and creative thinking

16. If you want to present survey data, what type of infographic suits your goal?
a. Process infographic
b. Hierarchical infographic
c. Geographic infographic
d. Statistical infographic

17. What can you infer from the following infographic?

a. We tend to use our left brain if our hobby is playing musical instruments.
b. Mathematical ability relates strongly to the function of the right brain.
c. Both left and right brain hemispheres are controlling the analytical skills.
d. If you are good at arts, you might use your right brain more often than the left one.

18. What is the main function of hierarchical infographics?
a. to share a collection of tips
b. to arrange information from greatest to least
c. to provide a summary/ overview of steps in process
d. to visualize the history of something

19. Which information is NOT TRUE based on the following infographic?

a. A logo should be memorable and unique to make an impact and be unforgettable.
b. The things being described in a logo had better be easily understood by the audience.
c. A successful logo is usually adapted to all types of social media platforms.
d. A logo does not have to be easily reformatted and must not use black/white theme.

20. The following is NOT one of the characteristics of successful infographics ....
a. focusing on text
b. having clear goals
c. easily understood
d. compelling narrative