Dialog Cinderella dalam Bahasa Inggris dan Terjemahannya

Dialog Cinderella dalam Bahasa Inggris dan Terjemahannya

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl named Cinderella. She lived with her stepmother and two her stepsisters. They treated Cinderella very badly. Cinderella was treated as a servant, she cleaned the house, washed the clothes, washed the dishes, and all the house work.

One day in the morning.

Drizella : Cinderella. Where is our breakfast. I’m hungry now.

Anastasia : Hurry up. We are hungry.

Cinderella : Wait a minute Drizella, Anastasia. I’m preparing it.

Lady : (Angry) you answer my sister?. Hurry up or I will hit you.

Cinderella : I’m sorry mother. This is the breakfast.

(After the breakfast)

Lady : Clean up the table Cinderella. We finish here.

Anastasia : and then you should wash my clothes.

Drizella : My clothes too. Be clean or I will ask you to wash it twice.

Cinderella : How you can be so badly to me?

Lady : Why not. You are not my daughter. Do it or I will throw you from this house.

Drizeell and Anastasia : Hahahahaha. Poor Cinderella. Get out not. You are so ugly and dirty (huekk)
Then Cinderella go with the dishes, washes all the clothes and clean up the house. In the afternoon after she does all her job.

Cinderella : (sit in the kitchen and crying) O God, why this can happen to me.

Anastasia : (calling from her bedroom). Ugly Cinderella. Come here and comb my hair.

Cinderella : Yes Anastasia. I will come. (Cinderella come and comb Anastasia’s hair)

Drizella : Then, you should comb my hair.

Cinderella : Ok Drizella, after this I will comb your hair.

In the evening. Cinderella is cooking at the kitchen for the dinner.

Drizella : Hurry up ugly Cinderella. What are you doing?

Anastasia : I’m hungry mom. She is too slow.

Lady : Cinderella. How long you will make us waiting.

Cinderella : Yes. This is your dinner.
That is how Cinderella do everyday. She is treated like a servant and she sleep in the kitchen every night.

One day, a Duke from the palace come to their home.

Duke : Excuse me. Please gather here all the people in this house.
(Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters gather near the duke but Cinderella listen from the kitchen)

Duke : I want to announce that our King will held a ball for the Prince. All the Girl is invited to the ball. It will held two days later. The prince will choose his bride there.

After giving the announcement, the duke go from the house.

Drizella : Mom, lets go to the ball and I will be the prince bride.

Anastasia : No, I will be the bride. I’m more beautiful than you.

Lady : Calm down my daughters. We will go to the ball. But we need a dress.

Drizella : Ask Cinderella to buy it mom.

Lady : Cinderella. Cinderella. Come here now.

Cinderella : Yes mother.

Lady : Go and buy the best dress for Anastasia and Drizella. This is the money. You should come back before the dinner.

Drizella : I want the yellow dress.

Anastasia : I want the red dress.

Cinderella : Yes mom.

On the night before the ball.

Drizella : Cinderella. Come here and comb my hair, hurry up.

Anastasia : Then comb my hair. I want to look beautiful in the party.

Cinderella : Yes sisters.

Lady : We will go to the ball, you stay at home Cinderella. If you go, I will throw you to the jungle.

Cinderella : Yes mom.

Drizella : Yea. You ugly, the prince will be sick to see you. hahahahahaha.

Anastasia : lets go mom. Leave this ugly girl.

After they are going. Cinderella sit in her kitchen and start crying. Suddenly, a fairy come to her.

Fairy : What happen Cinderella. Why are you crying?

Cinderella : (surprise) Who are you?

Fairy : I will help you, what do you want?

Cinderella : Actually, I want to go to the ball. But, I don’t have a dress and my stepmother forbid me to go.

Fairy : don’t be afraid I will help you.

The fairy waves her magic wand and make Cinderella have a very beautiful dress and a pair of glass shoes. She also make six mice to be horse and two coachmen, and change the pumpkin into a coach.

Fairy : Cinderella. you can go now, but remember, the magic only last until midnight. you should come home before then.

Cinderella : Ok fairy. Thank you.

When Cinderella come to the ball, all the people surprised because of her beauty. When the prince see her, he comes and ask Cinderella to dance with him. It makes all the people in the hall are very jealous.

The Prince : O beautiful girl. You want to dance with me.

Cinderella : Yes prince.

Prince : You’re so beautiful, what is your name young lady?

Cinderella : my name is. . .

Suddenly Cinderella see the big clock show that it is nine to twelve in the midnight. She suddenly run.

Cinderella : I’m sorry prince, I should go now.

Prince : wait. . . wait . . please tell me your name.

Cinderella run fast and make one of her glass shoes left. Cinderella has leave the palace.

Prince : I have to find him. pick up the glass shoes).
After the ball finished.

Prince : Duke, I want you to find her. Use this glass shoes to find her.

Duke : You want me to go around the kingdom prince?

Prince : Please Duke, you should find her for me.

Duke : Yes Prince, As you wish.

Duke come to every house and ask every girl to try the glass shoes, but no one can wear it because it is very small. Finally, the Duke comes to Cinderella house.

Duke : I’m here as the prince want to meet the girl who own this glass shoes. I want all of the girl try to wear this shoes.

Anastasia : I’m the first.

Drizella and Anastasia can not wear the shoes. The duke almost desperate, he see Cinderella peek from the kitchen.

Duke : Who is she?

Lady : She is our servant.

Duke : Call her, I want her to try.

Drizella : No. It must not her.

Duke : Call her, I do this for the prince. I want all the girl to try.

Come here little girl. Try this shoes.

Cinderella : Yes Sir.
When Cinderella put that glass shoes into her foot, it fit on her. Suddenly the fairy come and changes Cinderella dress as she wear at the ball.

Duke : Yes, the prince will be very happy. Wait here. I will call the prince. He is in the coach.

The Prince come to the house.

Prince : Finally, I can find you. Tell me your name beautiful lady.

Cinderella : Cinderella. My name is Cinderella my prince.

Prince : Would you go to the palace with me. I want to introduce you to my father and mother.

Drizella : It is impossible.

Anastasia : I can’t believe it, the prince looking for this girl.

Finally, the prince bring Cinderella to the palace and marry her there. They live happily ever after. But Cinderella also bring her stepmother and stepsisters to the palace with her. Now, they are become a good mother and sister to Cinderella.

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