Peningkatan Atmosfer Belajar Siswa Generasi Digital Native Melalui Pembelajaran Berbasis Game

Students of digital native generation are those who are born in the era of digital technology. The activities carried out require technology equipment as auxiliary media. One of the characteristics of digital native generation is the ability to use computer technology and mobile smartphones easily, both to browse information and entertainment, such as browsing, chatting, and the most popular is playing games via computer or mobile device.

Mobile Games is a computer-based gaming application installed on smartphones and gadgets and allows one to play it in different places. Many studies disclosed that the game has great potential to be used as a medium of learning.

This is very possible because in the game there are rule (rules) and task (task) that must be completed to achieve goals (goals).

By incorporating pedagogic elements and learning materials, games can make students (as game players) unaware that they are learning. Atmospheric learning becomes more fun because it is more active and interactive and not glued to the teacher-centered learning model.

From the study of literature and discussion about gamebased learning, it can be concluded that the use of games as a medium of learning can be used as an alternative to improve student learning atmosphere of digital native generation.

Keywords: digital native, game based learning, learning atmosphere, mobile games